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Journalist Joy Ann Reid has been in the news for her work on continuously exposing and fighting against the Trump administration. The name Comrade Reid traveled around social media after it was found that Russian hackers retweeted her tweets during the election season as a way to insight

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Joy Ann Reid host of AM Joy and co-host of the podcast Reid This Reid That about her new nickname.

Joy Ann explains that Russian hackers would try, “to amplify certain things that they thought would create more division. One of those was the Black Lives Matter movement.”

MSNBC did research to see how deep hackers were in stirring up trouble and they discovered what they’d do with Joy Ann’s tweets.

“They have retweeted me about 224 times,” said Joy Ann who has 1.1 million followers on twitter. “The idea that the right has picked this up and said that I’m the favorite retweet of the trolls means they weren’t working hard enough.”



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One thought on “Inside Her Story: Who Is Comrade Joy?

  1. Susan Murray White on said:

    Listening earlier this morning and was a little miffed with the comment regarding black and brown students being more afraid at schools with armed police on campus. This really bothers me because this is not a black/white/brown issue. This is an American issue. We all bleed red!!!!!

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