Inside Her Story: Joy-Ann Reid’s Exclusive Interview With Hillary Clinton


Joy-Ann recently got the chance to have an exclusive interview with the former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and gives us a sneak peek into it.

“We sat down. It was almost like a little breakfast. The thing that stayed with me is just how open she is. She is ready to spill the tea. She is spicy, ” explained Joy-Ann.

The subject of Clinton’s granddaughter is usually a touchy one, but Joy-Ann says that she was not guarded with it this time. She said, “She went right into grandma mode. This experience was horrible. She admitted that his presidency came out worse than she thought.” She continued, “We have to charge into those experiences.”

Being in the public eye from the age of 21, Joy-Ann explained that Clinton has a lot of respect. “She’s not a former president she’s a former candidate that gives her a special status to lead. She feels that because women are leading the resistance she can give knowledge on how to be on the battlefield, ” she said.

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4 thoughts on “Inside Her Story: Joy-Ann Reid’s Exclusive Interview With Hillary Clinton

  1. When Hillary was running against Obama, Joy Reid said that Hillary was insane but now she is sticking to the script of supporting any Democrat.
    I am not mad at Joy for getting her money. Massa tells her what to do and she does it. She does not want to be fired for insubordination so she reads the script that is given her while lying to the public.
    Great job, Joy!

    • No kidding! They had already planned her coronation way before she publicly announced that she was going to run. Her losing to the likes of Donald Trump is like losing to a crack head!
      Polls showed she would lose and now she is on the blame tour.
      Neither of the two major Parties cares about us yet we keep voting for them. It is insane. Until we change, nothing will change.

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