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Marchelle ’Tig’ Tigner is the owner of Trigger Happy Firearms. She is touring the nation educating black women on the proper use of guns because “survival is a choice”.

Marachelle is a survivor of domestic abuse and sexual assault. However she’s never had to use her firearm and is extremely grateful for that.

She says that guns aren’t, just for the military or police” every day people can learn to use guns too. Having been in the military herself she says learning to use a gun has made her more “situationally aware”.

The general age group for women in her classes ranges from 25 to 60 years old. There are even younger students who attend the class with their parents.

Each class starts off with an hour in class to talk about safety. From that first hour, she determines whether her students fully understand the safety of guns. That also determines if they go down to the range to start shooting.

Her students learn “what works best for them” when using guns. Little guns aren’t always necessarily the best to use all the time.

Marchelle is currently touring the U.S. giving her classes and will be in Dallas next weekend. Sybil says that she’ll be there to take it.


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