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All over the United States the problem of homelessness is prevelant. However, not too many people take a look into the thousands of youth that fall into this category and struggle every day to make it. Survivor Maria Fabian knows exactly what that life was like. Now as a survivor, stand up comedian, and author of the book Invisible Innocents Fabian is turning around to help other homeless youth.

“Nobody knew. I built up a reputation as a cool girl. I didn’t want anyone to know that I was weak,” expressed Fabian. The hardest time for her was when her brother left her. “It was the night my bro left me,” expressed Fabian. “It was the night I really realized that I was alone.”

After going through that, Fabian wanted to find a way to help youth just like her. “At the time when I wrote the book I had got so wrapped up in helping people,” explained Fabian. “I had a one bedroom apartment and I moved 4 or 5 friends in.”

She continued,” I reached out to my old high school and said, ‘hey can I set up a workshop to help teachers recognize homeless youth.'”

As for her comedy, that comes from her past experiences of living with her aunt and being homeless. “I made jokes about living with my aunt,” expressed Fabian. “I take the badness and turn them into jokes and make people laugh.”

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