All over the United States the problem of homelessness is prevelant. However, not too many people take a look into the thousands of youth that fall into this category and struggle every day to make it. Survivor Maria Fabian knows exactly what that life was like. Now as a survivor, stand up comedian, and author […]

Comedian Amanda Seales aka Tiffany from Insecure has made her rounds in the television and comedy world. Now she’s stepping out in her first ever comedy stand-up performance at Caroline’s on Broadway in New York. “I moved from New York two years ago to L.A. And so it feels like a homecoming of sorts. You know […]

Comedian Michael Jr. was excited to join Tom and the crew again for some good laughs. Michael Jr. had the chance of starring in the film War Room which is a faith-based movie that encourages trust in God. “War Room was great it was so much fun. One thing that happened in War Room, wait everybody saw it […]

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This past June I announced that I would be personally boycotting the NFL for their outrageous mistreatment of Colin Kaepernick. That decision was personal and I hesitated to call for a national boycott of the league — in part because I naively thought Colin would already be on a team by now. He’s not — […]

Pastor Jay explains what it means to be a coward, and what it means to be a conquerer, and how you can be a conquerer by standing up for what you believe in. Click on the audio player to hear him elaborate with the three fundamental qualities of a conquerer in edition of D.L. Goes to Church on The D.L. Hughley Show.  Listen to […]

  “Amazing Spider-Man 2″ is already proving to be a summer smash, and with Jamie Foxx as the villain, it’s no surprise. The Oscar-winner has…