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The story of the  kidnapping of a Florida teenager has come to a sad end as the woman, Gloria Williams, who kidnapped and then raised Alexis Manigo has plead guilty. Born Kamiyah Mobley, Manigo will appear on an upcoming Iyanla, Fix My Life episode. She says that despite her mother’s crime, she still loves her, but the experience has been traumatic. reports:

According to law enforcement, Williams pretended to be a nurse and seized the newborn when her mother, Shanara Mobley, asked Williams to place her daughter in a baby carrier. Instead of putting the newborn down and giving her mother some rest, Williams fled with the baby.

 “She had on a nurse’s uniform,” Velma Aiken, the child’s grandmother, recalled. “I thought it was weird she had her pocketbook on her shoulder with the baby in her arms, and she had on gloves.” Aiken asked the woman, “Where are you going with grandmama’s baby? I just got here.”

Williams told Aiken she’d be back in 15 minutes, instead, she vanished.

Authorities say Williams falsified documents and raised the child, which she renamed Alexis Manigo, in South Carolina. 

Williams was nabbed after someone gave a tip to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in August 2016. She was arrested and extradited back to Florida in January 2017.

As a result of the deal she struck with prosecutors, Williams is facing 22 years in prison for kidnapping and an additional five years for interference, but the final decision is up to the judge in her case.

Though a DNA test has confirmed Manigo is Kamiyah Mobley, and she was able to meet her biological parents and family members, the young woman is standing by the woman who raised her.

“I still feel the same way about her,” the now 19-year-old said. “My feelings toward my mother will never change.”




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15 thoughts on “Kidnapped Teen’s ‘Mother’ Pleads Guilty

  1. I think the fact that she has most likely damaged the opportunity for the 19 year old and her biological mother to have a bond need to be taken in consideration also.

  2. So what should this young lady do? Should she immediately cut off all ties with the kidnapper? Lifetime did a movie on her . Sherri Shepherd played the birth mother

  3. Say What on said:

    She had no choice. She was stupid. In our community, there are plenty of black children she could have adopted and made a good home but no being slick and causing heartache to someone is what she choose to do and now she must pay.

      • Grady White on said:

        Shut up racist, all black women don’t look alike. The only thing they have in common is dark skin and weave

      • Say What on said:

        Grady White, You shut up fool. I am a black woman myself. And point out to me where I am GENERALZING my race to say all black women look alike? I said THIS girl and Woman look alike. Now if you are taking it as to be ALL black women, YOU YOUR STUPIDITY. I hope this woman pay a price for her crime but I am sure many were shocked she favor this woman whom she lived with for so long fool.

      • Say What on said:

        Kates, TO ME, the look simular to each other and it has nothing to do with skin and hair. If they do not look simular to you, THAT is Your opinion but I am entitled to mine and I am not the first to say this. And I stand by my opinion regardless if you agree or not.

    • Mac Daddy on said:

      Byotch, you the same metal midget that was heaping praise on the hack “artist” that produced those atrocious paintings of Obama and wife. Nobody in their right mind thought that shyt was good or that this kid looks like her abductor. Now you best get to quietly stepping fore’ I really unleash on yo azz

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