Sen. Cory Booker Is Determined For Change In America


President Donald Trump will be giving the State Of The Union address soon and everyone wants to know what he’ll address in hopes that he will talk about the right things. However there has been talk of many senators skipping out on the speech in protest.

Senator Cory Booker will be in attendance at the speech and hopes the President will address some major issues.

“I’m going to attend. Definitely, I respect the office of the President,” explained Booker. He won’t be alone at the speech as he’ll have a special guest with him.

“I’m brining a dreamer…A tech entrepreneur she employs over 800 people,” explained Booker. In doing this he hopes to show the president that his, “policies are irresponsible.”

Between the opioid crisis and the issue of immigration Booker feels the country is, “at this moral crossroads. We continue to leave fellow Americans behind.”

A lot of people have asked if Booker would announce a presidential run, however Booker asked for a call to action to vote in local and congressional elections in 2018. “This is the time to come out and vote,” explained Booker. “Individuals are going to make a massive difference in this.”

“You posting on social media, you telling your friends, you bringing around voter registration forms makes a difference,” explained Booker.



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