Roland Martin: Why Does Immigration & DACA Need To Be Handled?


On Martin Luther King Jr. day Jorge Garcia stood in the Detroit Michigan Airport in tears as he hugged his sobbing family members. After 30 years of being in the United States, he was being deported to Mexico, a country he doesn’t know.

The problem surrounding immigration and DACA has continued to rise and this situation is no different as the cry for change gets louder. Roland Marin talks with Rochelle Riley of the Detroit Free Press on what needs to happen.

“Because he’s too old for DACA they decided that he needed to be deported,” explained Riley. “This is not deportation this is a prison sentence to take this man from his family. To leave them without the breadwinner.”

Both Martin and Riley feel that the democratic party needs to take a stand when it comes to immigration. “Democrats should say, ‘we ain’t voting for nothing unless there is a clean DACA bill,'” explained Martin.

“If they let this administration and GOP continue to attack children,” explained Riley. “This will halt the momentum that they have going so much.”



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12 thoughts on “Roland Martin: Why Does Immigration & DACA Need To Be Handled?

  1. Willie on said:

    TO ALL BLACK DEMOCRATS: The Democratic Party is holding American Citizens HOSTAGE to justify the Government Shut-Down, on behalf of ILLEGALS!!!! And Mexicans, as a whole, have a disdain for Black People.

  2. Wow! Blacks were executed in the streets across this nation on video with no accountability, children poisoned by Flint’s lead based water no accountability; unequal pay among Black and white workers doing the same jobs, nothing said, Black children stuck in substandard schools receiving substandard education while 4 or 5 DACA children sit in a classroom to themselves with one on one educational instruction at tax payers expense, nothing said yet these Black civil rights activists and CBC members couldn’t come up with any legislation to help their own people nor hold anyone accountable for the atrocities perpetrated against black people on a continuous basis…..And they wonder why nearly 40 million people chose not to vote….

    • @nia: I wholly agree with thee!!! so eloquently stated! In agreement with ur perspective is the main reason I abandoned the Democratic Party to become an Independent.

  3. SHUT-DOWN GOVERNMENT because of “Dreamers” & Illegal Immigrants? If Trump & the Republicans allow the Government to Shut-Down because of “Dreamers” & “Illegal Immigrants” would reveal Trump is LAME and/or WEAK on the “Dreamers” & Illegal Immigrant subject, being a BREACH to his Campaign Pledge!!!!

  4. Mrknowitall on said:

    This is another mess Obummer couldn’t handle, and left it for the next President, be it Trump or Clinton. Trump needs a big broom to sweep up the mess left behind by the last four presidents.

  5. Willie on said:

    America is NOT Obligated under International or National Law to accept “Dreamers” or Illegal Immigrants of another Nation to be citizens of America. The Mexicans should BLAME their own Mexican parents or South American parents for bringing them to America.

    • @ ButterPecan: Nay! Nay! Nay! America has it’s own Problems amongst it’s own people should NOT be & is NOT responsible for people from other Nations, such as Mexico and/or South America.

  6. So they send these people back to a country they don’t know. They may not speak the language. I realize this nationality do not associate with the blk community but i have some form of empathy for those who are forced to leave here after being here for decades. Wtf. Republuthugs do not want any people of color here. TUFF!! I’m not going no where.

    • Exactly. Like it or not, America has always opened the floodgates for all nationalities. Most of these folks have been here all of their lives and they don’t know about living anywhere else.Trump and his racist crew shouldn’t have a say in this. This is now a nation of color and whites are now a minority. Let’s see them try in vain to whitewash American again. Ain’t gonna happen!!

      • Willie on said:

        @lois: Under International Law EVERY NATION has the Sovereign Right to CONTROL it’s Illegal Population. This current South American issue is nothing new; in the 1950’s under President Eisenhower, millions of South Americans were deported from America under what is known as the “Wet Back Act.”

  7. Chump and his base of supporters seem to think there are way too many people in this country who do not look like them!!!!!!!!

    Therefore, they wish to DEPORT 99.99999 PERCENT OF THE FOREIGNERS
    OF COLOR!!!!!!!!

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