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Jemele Hill, the ESPN anchor who became a household name after she called President Donald Trump “a white supremacist” last year, was expected to leave her role on the network’s flagship show “SportsCenter,” according to multiple reports. After being thrust smack dab in the middle of the president’s war of words against Black women, Hill will reportedly still be in the ESPN family when she joins the staff of The Undefeated, one of the company’s digital properties that focuses on the intersection of race, sports and culture.v

Hill requested the career move, according to Sports Illustrated, which first reported the news. It was not immediately clear what role she would play when she starts her new assignment at the Undefeated reportedly next month.

As of late Friday morning, ESPN’s public relations website, the Undefeated and Hill herself had not confirmed had not publicly announced the move. However, senior NBA writer for the Undefeated extended a warm “welcome” to his new co-worker.

The pioneering journalist who made history as part of the first all-Black anchor team on SportsCenter has been in the spotlight for other reasons since her lone tweet about the president prompted the commander in chief to demand she be fired. He even made it a point to blame her for the network’s sagging ratings. ESPN suspended her for two weeks, prompting civil rights activists and celebrities alike to rally for her immediate reinstatement.

One of the main points made by Hill’s supporters was the fact that she was far from the first journalist to criticize the president publicly. Worsening optics for the TV station, one of Hill’s now-former colleagues on ESPN — a White woman — would later go unpunished for committing the same offense.

Current ESPN personality Katie Nolan called Trump “a f**king a stupid person!” earlier this month. Nolan was “reprimanded,” but stayed on the air and avoided suspension, unlike Hill.

Even more telling? The president didn’t have one single thought on the matter to share with his millions of social media followers.

While the Undefeated has a robust video operation, perhaps a return to being off-the-screen will be a good thing for Hill, who was a brilliant and insightful sports writer for many years before making the jump to TV.

But if Hill has taught us anything, it’s not to ever count her out. So it would be smart not to read into the move as anything other than a calculated career choice.



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13 thoughts on “Jemele Hill Moves From ‘Sports Center’ To Sports, Race And Culture News Website

  1. When she made that comment about the president I knew they were going to replace her.
    Although Donald Trump is no good you can’t go around saying anything about the president on your job especially city government job.
    Y’all better take heed and stay if that damn Facebook and Twitter everyone know your business on that crap

  2. Black supremacist propganda network or BSPN got rid of this affirmative action hire hill not because of what she said about trump. Her black privilege allowed her to spew that racist garbage with zero repercussions. If a white bspn anchor had said obama was a racist he would have been fired immediately and smeared through the media so bad he would never work in the industry again. He would also be labeled a racist. Black privilege kept this buffoon from that. No it was the fact that she messed with money and that was the bottom line. Telling people to boycott the richest team in the league in the cowboys and her black privilege couldn’t protect here there. The moron just made herself unemployable. Who will give her a job now that everyone knows she will attempt to mess with the financials of a company? LIke I said before, blacks always, always eventually mess up. It is in their genes.

  3. NExt they need to fire the other two black supremacists, Michael Wilbon and Stephen A smith. These black supremacists use ESPN to further promote their anti-white agenda.

  4. Mac Daddy on said:

    Hill was suspended for telling viewers to boycott the Dallas Cowboys sponsors. NFL is ESPN’s biggest partner and the Cowboys are the richest team in the league. It took until the end of the season, but you can bet Jerry Jones got this heffa in a big way. Bye

      • Mac Daddy on said:

        The slumbering sheep have been awoken. After decades of selling out the blacks with false promises in exchange for their vote, we are saying, “No more” Trump was not the boogeyman, and we are seeing positive progress only after 1 year. Look around D, no one is coming to your defense. You’re racist rhetoric has been exposed much the same way the Burgermeister’s law against toys was. Sombertown will be oppressed no more.

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