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By now, everyone probably knows about Kevin Hart cheating on his wife and the tape that was posted showing him with a women and legal battles he’s had to go through.

Since then, Hart has created a comedy show about the scandal. Everything from the girl he cheated with to how he faced his family.

It’s pretty common for comedians to turn their own life problems into jokes, but when is it not okay for other comedians to make jokes about you at their expense?

That’s where Michael Blackson comes in. Both Blackson and Hart have worked together in the past on shows, including getting arrested together.

But when the whole scandal came out, Blackson posted a video about the whole thing explaining that Hart shouldn’t have apologized for what he did.

“Stop apologizing! Change your story,” yells Blackson in the video. He continues, “Don’t ever admit to nothing. If your wife catch your d*** in another woman, tell her it’s not your d***. Tell her your homie borrowed your d***.”

Not pleased with the video, Hart responded to the video while in an interview with the Breakfast Club.

“Mike, I’m your guy. But now you’re looking for likes because the conversation about Kevin Hart drives attention to you,” explained Hart. “So no you out your relationship with me in jeopardy because you want to capitalize off of a Kevin Hart cheating scandal?”

Angry at Hart’s comment, Blackson fired back with a heavy Instagram post in which he wrote, “Call your writers because when I’m done with you you will commit suicide by jumping off the curb…”

The beef between these two is pretty serious. Will it get worse before it gets better?



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9 thoughts on “What’s The Beef Between Michael Blackson & Kevin Hart?

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