In the middle of all this loss, Nova has been inspired to write a blazingly honest column about the world under Trump. She turns it in, unassigned, and her editor loves it. He’s going to run it, and in the most visible position. It’s nice to see Nova getting back to what she loves to do after so much emotional turmoil this season.

We end the way we started – with Blue. Ralph Angel tells the story of how he got his name. When they were in the process of naming Blue, Aunt Vi, whose name is actually Violet, told the story of how she felt special because her name was a pretty color.

So Ralph Angel decided, despite all the folks weighing in on the name of his firstborn son, to give him a unique name that rhymed with his own mother’s name and represented all the good things in life, including ocean and the infinite sky. I mean, DAYUM AVA, did you have to break my ENTIRE HEART this episode? Yes, I guess so, because in real-life and in families, that’s what happens. And sometimes we can reconcile that and sometimes we can’t.

There are so many questions for next season. While I thought that the show lagged at points  this season, the second half certainly stepped things up. And the pace of this show, unlike others, means that there is an emotional payoff when things go very wrong or very right for the characters. We earned Darla’s admission and we earned Ralph Angel’s recognition that the lie caused irreparable harm. We earned Nova’s return to triumphant work.

We earned Hollywood and Vi’s reconciliation and his enduring love for her. We earned Charley’s professional revenge and her personal disappointments, especially with Remy. Queen Sugar never shortcuts a moment or plays out any false resolutions. It’s a show that requires you to pay attention and to invest in each character.

Next season should be interesting. The show, characters and storylines have evolved. Both Omar Dorsey and Dondre Whitfield have expressed that they hope for more back story for their characters. What went on between Remy and Nova, if it were to escalate, would certainly set up an interesting dilemma between the sisters.

Although it would likely be difficult for Darla and Ralph Angel to find a path to reconciliation, she’s still Blue’s mother. And Bianca has made such a mark on every character that seeing her leave Queen Sugar altogether would be sad.

Micah (Nicholas Ashe) and Davis (Timon Kyle Durrett) will have their own feelings about Charley’s scheme to overthrow the Boudreaux/Landry family. And is this an avenue for Davis and Charley to fall back together? It would be nice to see some exploration of how people, even after betrayal, can, and do, reconcile. Will Ralph Angel start seeing someone new and if so, how will that impact Blue? How will Darla leaving impact both of them?

We’re sure the writers will have ideas and will make the next season as beautiful as the first two have been. We’re looking forward to the next chapter!

What did you think of the season finale, Sugar Babies?

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