It sure looks like Remy and Charley are not going to move forward. Remy has finally figured out that Charley, after 20 years of running an NBA player’s brand, is a real G. He’s not so sure he wants that. He says he doesn’t really know her. I think it’s that he wanted her to be someone other than who she is.

He straight up tells her he can’t support her in whatever Machiavellian scheme she’s cooking up to take down the Boudreux/Landy families. She’s going to sell a portion of Queen Sugar to Boudreaux. She’s going to have Ralph Angel grind with the Boudreux mill. She’s playing chess not checkers, baby. Ralph Angel doesn’t know the full plan but he’s backing Charley on her ‘Godfather’ shit.

I’d bet on Charley, too. She tells Ralph Angel she has his back also and that she fired Darla. No one’s seen her, not even her sponsor, when Ralph Angel heads to a NA meeting to see if she’s there. When she’s not, he thinks, l think, everyone watching thinks that Darla has likely relapsed. So RA goes looking for her. He goes to every motel, crack den and drug spot in the city, but he doesn’t find her.

I’m as nervous as he is as to where and in what condition he’ll find her in. Finally, he does and she’s doing something completely unexpected. She’s swimming at an indoor pool. I hope they give us some more back story on how Darla and Ralph Angel met, because it’s never been quite clear. But obviously, Ralph Angel knew she was a swimmer and where she would head for a late night swim.

The couple then proceeds to have one of the most raw, emotionally charged conversations ever between an estranged couple on TV. I credit Ava DuVernay, who wrote this episode, for her mastery of the small moment. This scene never borders on soap opera drama or cheap emotion.

It is devastating and powerful and if you don’t cry while it plays out, you must be in a coma, or have never loved and lost. All praises due to the acting skills of Kofi Siriboe and Bianca Lawson who blow this scene out of the park. But sadly the heartbreaking but not totally unexpected end result is that they won’t be together anymore.

Darla’s going to go back home to her family in D.C., but she wants Ralph Angel to keep Blue and not to reject him if he’s not his biological father. Ralph Angel, as we expected, loves Blue regardless. So nothing changes there, thank God. It’s the right move on so many levels, but it comes at an extraordinarily high cost for Darla.

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