It’s over, people. At least for this season. Season 4 of Queen Sugar is in the bag and although we will have to wait until 2020 to see what’s going to happen next with the Bordelon clan, this season was the series’ best yet. Like any creation, be it food or art, sometimes it takes […]

We’re heading to the end of the road for Season 4, sugar babies, and as endings go, it’s time for the rubber to hit the road. In the season’s penultimate episode, there are a lot of things that are still being resolved. First, there’s Charley’s ongoing campaign for City Council in St. Josephine’s. RELATED: Catch […]

When you consider that Bianca Jasmine Lawson has been in the entertainment industry for 23 years as a working actress, it’s hard to believe that she’s been able to fly under the radar as much she has. It’s not that she’s not visible – for most of that time she was credibly playing teenagers on […]

How have we come this far, this fast? It’s Episode 10 of Season 4 of Queen Sugar which means there are only 3 episodes left *tears*). And this season has been a pretty good one. This episode “Oh Mamere” belongs to the women, though. It is time that some reconciliation happens and some reckoning as […]

This week’s episode finds two very strong women at a crossroads. The usually unshakable Charley (Dawn Lyen Gardner) has hit a low point. Episode 9 – “Stare At The Same Fires” – finds her at a hotel bar in the early morning, getting drunk alone. When she reveals she’s running for office to the bartender, […]

This week, in the episode “All Borders” things have come to a head on Queen Sugar. Charley’s mill has burned to the ground and the prospect of starting over has daunted the usually unshakable entrepreneur. It seems as quickly as Charley (Dawn Lyen Gardner) celebrated the high of the community coming together around her run […]

If last week’s episode seemed a bit like filler, this week more than makes up for it. The official title of Episode 7 is “Of Several Centuries” and things start out with a bang. Well, in a manner of speaking. A mysterious figure vandalizes Aunt Vi’s Prized Pies and Diner. Aunt Vi (Tina Lifford) is […]

This week’s edition of Queen Sugar had its good moments, but unfortunately tonight’s episode felt more like filler than a significant episode. Every relationship is being challenged in some way, but things slowed down this week. Sex has definitely slowed down for Hollywood and Vi. Apparently Auntie Vi (Tina Lifford) is a world-class lover and […]

This week’s episode of ‘Queen Sugar’ is officially called “Face Speckled” (who names these episodes anyway) but after watching it, I’ve dubbed it “Blue’s Blues” for what should be obvious reasons. The reckoning for Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) and Darla (Bianca Lawson) has come. Because of Nova’s book, they have to tell Blue the truth […]

When is Nova (Rutina Wesley) going to get it? Judging by this latest episode of Queen Sugar, not anytime soon, as her controversial book “Blessings and Blood” continues to be a runaway success. In this week’s episode, “Skin Transparent,” the book’s positive New York Times review leads to a six-city speaking tour. Nova seems to […]

This week’s Queen Sugar episode, officially titled “Where My Body Stops or Begins” starts out with Aunt Vi (Tina Lifford) who feels betrayed by Nova’s (Rutina Wesley’s) characterization of her in the book. Though Hollywood (Omar Dorsey) tried to stop her from reading it all, Vi’s heartbroken to know that Nova put her personal business […]

This season, Queen Sugar seems to be making up for lost time. The lost time of last season, which was frustratingly slow and off-brand. Characters that were once fleshed out, seemed out of character and the pace of the show’s episodes, while always making Black people look beautiful, were sometimes nothing more than eye candy. […]