Charley is wrangling with Jacob Boudreaux. (Lea Coco). He wants them to partner. The Black farmers have turned their backs on Charley. They can’t risk their acres for something that sounds twitchy. It’s all a lie, but they believe it. Charley thinks Boudreaux is a slithering snake. The woman has balls – she’s not doing a deal and she tells him so. But Jacob’s turned on by her refusal and not just by the business possibilities.

But as much as Charley tries, the farmers are scared. One comes to Ralph Angel and tell him that although Nova helped our her son when he was imprisoned, she still won’t grind with Queen Sugar. Charley is now down to three farmers. It’s really a shame that the Black farmers have bought into the rumors, but it gives you a sense of how hand to mouth these farmers are living. They just can’t afford to risk it.

News travels fast in the Bordelon family so Nova sets up a family dinner to celebrate Vi and Hollywood’s engagement. Aunt Vi has on a red curly wig for the occasion – gotta love Vi and the diversity of her wig collection. Ralph Angel and Charley are tied up with the harvest, so they don’t end up making it. Remy (Dondre Whitfield) does, however.

And – hold onto your wigs – he and Nova, both nursing the disappointment of their troubled relationships, seem to connect on a different level. Yes, I mean there is an intimate little scene in the kitchen with just the two of them and it looks like one of those ‘What just happened’ moments. We haven’t seen them interact much before, so this is an interesting twist.

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