Roland Martin: Colin Kaepernick’s Grievance Is A Strong Case Against The NFL


Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance against NFL owners accusing them of collusion in keeping him from playing in the NFL. Trial attorney Monique Pressley gives her account of the situation with TV One’s Roland Martin.

“They are only filing this after trying in earnest with each an every team in the NFL. Now they can say that there ‘s not one single team that can hire,” Kaepernick to play explained Pressley.

Both Pressley and Martin believe this is solid evidence in proving NFL owners were involved in collusion against Kaepernick.

“Early on during the free agent period, there were teams that wouldn’t give a reason why they wouldn’t consider him. With him hiring Geragos that’s the signal ‘I’m not playing,'” informed Pressley.

And because owners refused to give him a chance, it leaves them open to deposition under oath. This means anything from emails, phone calls and text messages between coaches can be used against them.

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3 thoughts on “Roland Martin: Colin Kaepernick’s Grievance Is A Strong Case Against The NFL

  1. hoodtechie on said:

    roland you need to stop smoking weed,it’s got you not only giving out stupid information but you don’t realize on the scale of 1 to 10 kaepernick is a 4 and no team will pay millions for 4 rated q-back.he should have taken the deal that the 49ers offered him.but instead this buster turned it down thinking he was better,smdh

  2. The Truth on said:

    Make sure 45 don’t have the judge in his pocket this is how they operate and why they make sure their people are in place. One thing I can say everyone will learn alot about evil minded 45 operations real soon. He is the Worst of the Worst.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Let’s be clear, they will not be handing over texts or email messages and no owner or managers will be willing to discuss this in any court. However, all you need is one disgruntled employee to get the ball rolling. Leak an email.

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