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Roland Martin talks to Monique Pressley, Bill Cosby‘s attorney about the arrest and arraignment that took place right before the new year.

Pressley details Cosby’s blindness, if  a plea deal will be entered and more.

“The deposition took place over a decade ago. For them to say that the basis for this 12 years later, was new evidence, is certainly something we’ll be addressing in the weeks to come,” she said.

Will Cosby enter a plea deal?

“We’re not thinking of those terms. My client is not guilty. Why a prosecutor used this case as a means to get elected. What we’ll be dealing with is whether this prosecutorial misconduct.”

Is she expecting the case to be thrown out?

“I absolutely am. Based on one, this is a 12 year old case that could have been charged then…they never bothered to get this info. They wait a decade later until my client is blind, until witnesses are dead. People that are charged with crimes, they have the right to a trial, to a speedy trial.”

On Camille Cosby testifying:

“That was in a civil suit. That was a ruling that we’re appealing right after I get off the air.”

How many cases has Cosby settled?

“There’s only been one settlement. That is this case where this person signed something that said she wasn’t going to bring charges.”

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(Photo Source: AP)

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