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A Missouri bar owner is under fire for using Colin Kaepernick and Marshawn Lynch jerseys as doormats. Many who pass by see the use of the jerseys as racist.

Jason Burle the owner of S. N. A. F. U Bar says he ordered the jerseys and to be used as doormats after players started taking knees during the National Anthem.

“It’s not a race thing,” says Burle in an interview with KXAN news. “A lot of people want to twist it around to be a race thing.”

The jerseys were tapped down to the front of Burle’s bar. Using the NFL players names to spell “Lynch” “Kaepernick” when people walk by.

“We pulled them out of the box, taped them down. There was no ill-intent, ” explains the bar owner. He added, “If someone thinks I’m mean personal harm to someone, they don’t know me.”

That’s not what Taylor Sloan thinks when he saw the jerseys outside the bar.

Sloan said, “That’s not the Missouri I know. It just kind of upset me really bad. Put a bad taste in my mouth.”

Check out the video here.

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(Source: KXAN News)

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28 thoughts on “Bar Uses Marshawn Lynch & Colin Kaepernick Jerseys As Doormats

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  2. #Makethemhearyou on said:

    Clearly he is disrespectful and he’s also protesting at his job. Now should you protest at a different venue? Saluting the flag/national anthem is not the players job. The players job is to play football. What other occupation forces their employees to be patriotic?

  3. MariAnne Bolton on said:

    Who Cares what you do with the jerseys? You’ve ALREADY PAID for them. Colin has got his money. Do what you want with them… Sh#t on them, if you like. You’re NOT hurting anyone!

  4. Honestly on said:

    Soon you cave n!@@ers will be used as doormats, believe me when I tell you. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  5. Billy Jones on said:

    The guy is a racist period. So what are you going to do about it… WE can boycott all racist business. Or start to move out some of these racist States. Move to a state that we can take over and run our business and vote in our own leaders.We can start with leaving Missouri and Kentucky.
    Please do something now and don’t just complain. That is my two cents any way. Money talks and everything else walks.

    • Yup, and then they expect us to be too stupid to decode their BS. He’s crazy as hell if he thinks anybody believes that the order was an “accident”. He knows it was intentional, and all of those ignorant, inbred bigots drinking in his bar know it too. 😒

  6. Mrknowitall on said:

    Dear black people,everyone knows you are racist black bigots taught to hate European-Americans.all you privileged black racists really want is more special treatment by the institutional racisim known as affirmative action. Stop racial profiling & stereotyping European-Americans.

    • Listen JA, news flash, affirmative action has helped more white women statistically than any other minority group fool! Therefore, if you are going to use something in your BS at least try to have actual facts or at least know WTF you are talking about dumb a$$ plain and simple! No one GTF about you ignorant bottom feeder racist! Not even your clueless idiot 45😂 FOH with that ignorant nonsense.

  7. Nobody’s twisting anything around. If it’s about players taking a knee, why not put jerseys down of the white players that have taken a knee, didn’t go out on the field or locked arms? It most certainly is about race.

  8. The Truth on said:

    I know on his heart he want to burn them. Who treated Veterans like Dogs..Hyprocrites!!! Who built America…ITS NOT ABOUT THE FLAG…YOU GOT IT TWISTED!!!I SEE YOUR TRUE COLORS….

    • If it wasn’t racially motivated,why didn’t he put Alex smiths or Tom Brady’s jerseys down there to be walked on?? His whole thought processes is, Now they can say we walked all over those n- words. Damn devils!!!

  9. They are only revealing what they are. They are upset because someone wants equal treatment and kneeing.? They only are making themselves look bad, not CK or ML.

  10. Nothing new coming out of MO. Racist ass place. I’m glad the “so-called loyal” fans are burning their jerseys and tickets. Maybe now I can get a ticket to the game. Steelers Rock!!!!!

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