Roland Martin: How Do Veterans Feel About The NFL Protest?


The NFL protest has gone back and forth between protesting against police brutality and being misinterpreted as disrespect to the flag, military, and nation. But it’s the veterans and people of the military that we should be asking about what it means to them.

Roland talks with  Allison Jaslow, Executive Director with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) about how veterans really feel about this protest.

According to a poll on the IAVA website, 62% of veterans believe NFL players have the right to peaceful protest during NFL games.

Jaslow is also careful to point out that we should, “make sure all the voices are heard. That at the same time there are people who feel very different all across the board.”

Even with that, the poll also informs us that veterans really care about the response to hurricane disasters, recent threats from North Korea, veteran suicide, the war with ISIS and reforming veteran healthcare.

Listen above for the full interview. And for more statistics go over to

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8 thoughts on “Roland Martin: How Do Veterans Feel About The NFL Protest?

  1. FLAG STANDS FOR THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO PROTEST as Protest is the Foundation on which America was established. American Soldiers have died for their inherent right to Protest.

  2. 45 is good at causing distractions when there is something that he wants to slip in while peoples attention is diverted someplace else. Pay attention – – whenever he wants to do something that he knows goes against the good will for people, he creates a diversion. His business is not the NFL – a sports entity in this country. He is a 5-time draft dogger – – where the hell was his patriotism then. What an insult to all those who did take up arms and fought. My dad included.

  3. I am a 22.5 year USAF retired Veteran. Can’t believe that NFL and America is letting this lying draft dodger manipulate their vision about what is actually going on with this person. He is only trying to distract from his real problem – RUSSIA. If he were a true patriot, he would not have waited this long to take care of US citizens in US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. When the US Supreme Court decided that an individual could BURN the US flag, I was too through with patriots, who probably never served in the military. Veterans serve the nation for many different reasons, but they take an oath to defend the Constitution, Country and US citizens’ right to be free to demonstrate their individual rights, no matter whether we agree or disagree.

    • Dr. Lawrence on said:

      You still holding out hope for Russian collusion? LOL Even fake CNN has let it go. Do you honestly believe if there was something there it wouldn’t have come out by now? Move on with life sista. Trump has and he is making a difference for real Americans. You should try it.

  4. Guest1 on said:

    I’m a veteran, and I’m not offended. As a matter of fact, I support those in the NFL or anyone around the country who kneels during the anthem. Hypocrites at their best, as usual. There are many people who attend sporting events, and when the anthem is playing, they’re at the concession stand, or running to the bathroom, etc. So please spare me the righteous BS about people being offended. Whites allowing #45I’mamoron to hijack Colin’s cause because they refuse to come to terms with what is really going on in this country, and it’s much easier to make up some bullshit story about disrespecting the flag and veterans, than to deal with the ugly truth in this country. Again, do as I say, not as I do.

  5. Leslie on said:

    Trump and others have attempted to hijack the narrative when it comes to protesting, and how some of us Vets view kneeling during the anthem. I continue to see Vets of all races express that the preservation of a citizen’s right to kneel in protest is one of the very reasons that we serve, and that we do NOT view it as a personal “disrespect”. I’ve had people on Twitter challenge whether or not I was really a Vet, because in their opinion, anyone who had actually served in the military would never feel that way…once again, attempting to dictate what I should and shouldn’t think and feel. People need to stop letting the buffoon in the Oval Office manipulate their thinking and dictate their outrage. He can’t even control himself, so why let him try to control you??

    • Dr. Lawrence on said:

      Did you kneel when you were in the service? Not a chance, cause you know you’re napster would have been hauled to Leavenworth

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