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Were you online today? Because if so, you probably already know that Rihanna and Drake, also known as ‘Aubrih’ dropped the “Work” video. The two superstars that have the music industry’s most speculated upon ‘are-they-or-aren’t they/off-and-on flirtationship’ dropped their third video  today and the Internets went crazy. Well, it’s Rihanna’s video for  “Work,” technically, but since it’s yet another of their collaborations, we’ll just call it a joint effort.

By now, you probably know that the two-part, 7-minute-plus video is one for the ages, and certainly one to be proud of if you have any West Indian/Caribbean ancestry. Rih, who certainly does, showcases the funkiest party we’re mad we weren’t invited to and then drops into a 90’s or maybe early 2000’s, video set to seduce Drake in a totally new video in the video. 

Naturally, this had fans of Rihanna and Drake all ‘work’-ed up and they took to Twitter to express their joy at seeing the two together and in videos that play on what seems to be a mutual attraction.

Here are the best/funniest responses to the “Work” video which you can see in fullHERE. 















Even author Terry McMillan liked it: 

And so did transgender activist Janet Mock: 

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