Black America Web celebrates Black Music Month by saluting influential icons in the music industry

Black music has influenced advertisers’ campaigns for decades. Understanding the value that these artists have in connection to pop culture and what their core audience is consuming, companies find it in their best interest to have these figures be ambassadors for their brands. [RELATED]:15 Best Celebrity Brand Partnerships According to, this heightened attention to […]


To keep you in the loop, we have put together a list of the songs in this stage of the war between Drake and Kendrick.

A process server attempts to serve Drake some papers on Valentine's Day, his security guard said, and threw him down the driveway.

Quentin Miller interviewed with VLAD and let the tea out that he was never paid any publishing from music he worked on with Drake. There have always been rumors that Drake has help with his music but now he isn’t paying? Who is really responsible. Quentin says he was under contract at the time and […]

Drake just put this new ice piece together based on previous engagements made up of 42 Diamonds, inspired by all of the women that he wanted to propose to in his lifetime. Join @Djmisses and watch Trending on The Timeline to keep you updated on the latest trending and entertainment news.   Watch more Trending […]

Take a look at 7 celebrities who proved to be the "for all seasons" type by successfully reinventing themselves with a second-act career.

Inspired by 50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather burying their epic beef, take a look at 10 celebrity feuds that also ended to everyone's delight.

D.J. Misses gives you the recap on why Kylie Jenner’s fans are calling her a “Climate Criminal” and talks about why Drake’s home break in is trending! #kyliejenner #drake #TOTT

As Fake Drake waits for his muse to accept his boxing challenge, Lamar Odom stepped up to defend his friend against further swagger-jacking.

New releases by Beyoncé and Drake recently sparked dialogue around house music, which has roots in LGBTQ culture & Black music history.