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September is National Yoga Month and in celebration I thought it perfectly fitting to give a special healthy salute to yoga and all the ways it benefits our body, mind and even our libidos. Yes ladies and gentleman, yoga is more than a path to Zen and improved flexibility. In fact, yoga can be a path to the “big O,” too! Simply put, a healthy dose of yoga on a regular basis is a great recipe for a healthy body and an awesome sex life. Now let’s kick things off with a few ways yoga can provide some nice sexual healin’:

1. Yoga can improve sexual stamina.

Yoga is a wonderful total body workout that works and stretches countless muscles in your body, which means from just a visual standpoint, your body will look firm, toned and incredibly hot. But, here’s the real perk: Soon you (and your partner) will also pleasantly discover that in bed you’ll now have the physical endurance of the Energizer Bunny and a body primed for incredible sexual stamina.

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