3. Be an advocate. Just because your job or state has jacked-up rules and laws doesn’t mean they can’t change. Be sure to voice your opinion at the proper times and vote in political elections.

4. Be active at school: Everyone from the classroom mom to the principal should see you on campus regularly and not just when you have a complaint. Volunteer in the classroom, attend PTA meetings and every parent/teacher conference. When you cooperate with the teachers and administrators they’re much more likely to cut you and your kids some slack when you need them to.

5. Become an entrepreneur: That doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your job. It means discovering your passion, developing your skills and distinguishing yourself with a product or service that can sustain you if your regular gig goes sideways. There’s no perfect state for working moms but there are ways to perfect the state of our mind, body and spirit. When we do better so do our kids…and that’s job one.

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2 thoughts on “Are You Living In One of The Worst States For Working Moms?

  1. Braveman on said:

    Hey Claudette, Where is your “husband” ???

    You know……the “Father” of your child ???

    Or did you bother to get married “before” you had your child ???


  2. Claudette Turner on said:

    Dear Nikki
    My name is Claudette Turner I live in Indianapolis Indiana I am a 36yr old ProCoach operator and School Bus Driver. A month ago I lost my job my car and my home. I reached.out to the local agencies.and shelters and were told that I either made to much and didn’t qualify or they didn’t offer those services or they were out of funds.I am currently homeless with my child but I refuse to give up. I am a student at BrownMackie College and I have tried everything. I now know that there is no help for hard working mothers who are really trying . I soagree with what you are saying. If I was OK with section 8and ccdf and tanf I would get much help but I want to earn my own so I guess I must suffer for good things so I say let the struggle began. Much love Nikki

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