I am so happy to be here in Flint to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the Hamilton Community Health Network. I want to thank Clarence Pierce for his commitment to the city, the community, the health centers…and ultimately, the people of Flint. Before I go any further, I’d to bring greetings from the Tom Joyner […]


In the past few years, political correctness has become one of the biggest issues of our time. You can credit bullying, shaming and everything else done to make people feel like crap. Most of all, you can thank our collective need to be “heroes” without the extra effort it takes to actually be one. At […]

Rep. Maxine Waters relishes lowering the hammer on President Donald Trump and she is not showing any signs of letting up. And now Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is also squarely in her crosshairs. “They need to go to jail,” Waters (D-CA) said during a recent appearance on MSNBC. Waters was referring to Trump and […]


When I heard that Mary Tyler Moore died it hit me hard. Like so many women who grew up watching her, including Sybil Wilkes, journalist Andrea Mitchell and Robin Roberts, she opened up our minds to the possibility of becoming journalists. But more than that, her ground-breaking show made little girls of all races look at […]

What would you do if your child was given a school assignment to defend the KKK? Would you protest? Would you scold the teacher? Would you meet with the principal? Or would you support the assignment because it’s a relevant part of American history? And what if that teacher was Black? This isn’t a hypothetical […]

If You Missed It

      Last night I planned a Christmas message for the show. I was going to tell you to watch less news, love on your family and friends, go see Fences and Hidden Figures, and do some good in the lives of the people around you. Then, late last night, while I was literally writing out […]

When I first interviewed then-candidate Barack Obama on his campaign plane in 2008, he talked passionately about fatherhood, uplifting Black men, and the importance of men of color taking responsibility for parenting their children. Two terms in the White House and eight years later, President Obama is still talking eloquently about empowering Black men in […]


We’ve all heard about the problems associated with kids consuming too much technology. It discourages critical thinking, imagination and other useful skills that they’ll need to be productive adults. Aside from limiting a child’s consumption of tech or banning it altogether, there is a way to turn a love of gadgetry into useful knowledge that […]

As your go-to girlfriend, it might sound crazy for me to point out that girlfriends, as wonderful and needed as they may be, are not the end-all be-all in every area. But the truth is that sometimes, the smartest thing you can do is to acknowledge what you don’t know and then be about the […]

The Senate confirmation process for Loretta Lynch to become the first Black female U.S. Attorney General was never going to be a cake walk, but then again, her nomination wasn’t expected to be shot down, either. But this is a Republican-controlled Congress and many of these conservative lawmakers are vehemently opposed to anything President Barack […]


Manhood in the Black community is at a crossroads. Some would say it always has been. And as we become more and more removed from the days of “the man trying to keep me down,” Black men in America have to start asking the question – who are we? A Black man is not born. […]


This past weekend, the Congressional Black Caucus hosted its annual weekend extravaganza that included expensive dinners and lavish partying. Yet, Black politicians in the present day are standing by as the GOP and its right-wing zealots run amok in cahoots with local and state police departments. They have become the modern-day example of Alderman Fred […]