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For Reservations:

To book your reservations for the 2015 Allstate® Tom Joyner Family Reunion and get more information, please call 407-248-9191 or email: Familyreunion@reachmediainc.com.

Media Inquiries:

We appreciate your interest. All media inquiries are requested to put “Media Request” in the subject line in an email to Familyreunion@reachmediainc.com

Sponsorship Inquiries: 

If you are a company, please email Reach.Consumer@reachmediainc.com

Tom Joyner Family Reunion App Support:

If you are having trouble with the Tom Joyner Family Reunion app, or have questions or comments please put “App Support” in the subject line in an email to Familyreunion@reachmediainc.com

Mailing Address:

REACH Media Inc.
Attn: Tom Joyner Family Reunion
13760 Noel Rd., Suite 750
Dallas, Texas 75240-7336

17 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Amiturids on said:

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    רוצה לשמוע פרטים נוספים?

  2. Debby Wells on said:

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  3. Hay yaw need to play more of the old school skating music from back in the roller world era like knee deep,one nation under a groove,genuse of love,bounce.roll.skate,i just want to be,grapevine,flashlight,aquaboogie,planetrock,pacjam, hay it’s so meny of them i can’t name them all

  4. Anastasia Tabor on said:

    I live in Florida and im about 35-40 min away. Would love to attened the Reunion, but dont need no motel. Please give me some info on locals attending the reunion.

  5. Julie on said:

    Your offering payment arrangements, where can I find it on the website and can I also just purchase the concert series on payment arragements?

  6. As an Event Planner myself for a corporation. It takes a lot of behind the scenes work to put together an event of this size over multiple days. My family and friends have attended this reunion from the first year. Great idea to change the theme parks this year ……..Overall great job Tom and to all of your staff.

  7. I wanted to go to the Family Reunion in 2013 but I am boycotting Florida PERIOD …unless they elect Charlie Crist for Gov in Nov and repeal “Stand Your Ground” and the voter suppression laws I am not putting any of my hard earned money in the coffers of a state that is run by a man ( Gov Rick Scott) whose disdain for people of color is ( For lack of a better word ) almost equal to that of Bull Connor of Alabama.

  8. Angela Davis on said:

    I too was dissatisfied with the 2013 family reunion. My family and I have been for the last four years. I know that we don’t spend as much money as the Tom Joyner cruise but we sacrifice every year to attend. In my opinion the entertainment was not top notch. The foul language that was used in front of kids was ridiculous. I am attending this year and it looks like the entertainment line up is worth coming back.

  9. Brenda Stephens on said:

    I never been on TJ cruise before and I was talking to some of my co-workers about going and we want to be apart of this fanatic voyage. We want to know when can we start booking for 2015 cruise.

    Brenda Stephens

  10. Sandor Barnes on said:

    I know I am late , responding about the 2013 family reunion, but that was the worse family reunion your company sponsered. We went to your family reunion before about three years ago and we had the best time of our lives. The 2013 event was not origanized, there was no schedules, certain shows should had been for adults only and there were children in the room. These were only a few things that was wrong, and there were several other people (well over 50 people) who was also dissatistfied with this event.

  11. Edwin on said:

    Unrelated to the forum of this topic. FYI, I was listening to TJMS this morning (3-10-2014) and someone texted that they had to pull over from laughing so hard that they felt they were going to pass out. That very same condition lead me to see my doctor where I discovered that I suffer from HBP.

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