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We all have different ways of communicating what we want to express to others, and according to author Gary Chapman, creator of the best-selling book The Five Love Languages,  learning how to communicate in a relationship depends on understanding how each partner receives love and communicating with him/her catering to their love language.

What is a love language?

A love language is a way to express love emotionally and there are five basic love languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. Each person has a primary love language that one must learn to speak in order to make his/her partner feel loved.

How do you determine your love language?

There is a simple test that can be taken online at that will give a complete profile of primary and secondary love languages. Once this test is taken and the language has been determined, it’s time to move into understanding how to speak these languages to enhance relationship bonding.

Understanding the languages and how to speak them

1. Words of affirmation

A person whose love language falls into this category needs words of appreciation and gratitude in order to feel loved.  Use words of praise when he/she does something that is worthy of appreciation. The word “thank you” goes a long way. When he/she has gotten ready for the day, compliment him/her on how well they look. Any words of positive affirmation that can be used with a person who speaks in this love language will make him/her feel loved.

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