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With beef currently brewing between former band bros B2K, we look at 7 blood brothers that prove a sibling bond can actually be loving.

Watkins and Yolander Smith were two strangers when they met in the hot tub during the 2011 Fantastic Voyage and, well, the rest is history!

While the viral #PutYourShoesOn challenge has garnered hilarious reactions, some question whether or not it sends the right message to kids.

Dwyane Wade recently spoke during the TIME 100 Summit in NYC to express his own fear of transphobia relating to trans daughter Zaya's safety.

'Always with You, Always with Me' is a new children's novel by Kelly Rowland, which the Destiny's Child star is hoping will make things easier for those who can relate to the anxiety of leaving children when heading out to work.

Media mavens Oprah Winfrey & Gayle King, now in their late 60s, recently told People Magazine for its "Beautiful Issue" that their legendary decades-spanning friendship began when both ladies were in their early 20s and was sparked by a chance encounter following a heavy thunderstorm.

Hollywood mom Rose Rock confirmed that her son, Chris Rock, is "still processing" the now-viral slap he received from Will Smith at this year's Oscars ceremony, even stating that it felt like he actually slapped her too.

A Black newlywed couple out of Los Angeles defied the odds of a traditional five to six figure wedding price tag by saving big and only shelling out a whopping $500 on the entire ceremony. 

Now that Malia and Sasha Obama have both grown into young women, with the summer-born sisters soon turning 24 and 21, respectively, momma Michelle took a minute to speak on the reality of her forever baby girls having adult dating lives and bringing "grown men" home.

Gracing the cover yet again for the U.S. edition of 'Vogue,' pop queen Rihanna spoke candidly on how her surprise romance with New York hip-hop heavyweight A$AP Rocky came about and how the two plan on spending their lives together while raising a family. 

Mary J. Blige has a hit new album that reached top 20 on the Billboard 200, a Lifetime film on the way inspired by her classic song "Real Love" and millions of diehard fans across the world. However, one thing the R&B legend won't be having anytime soon is a baby — well, at least for now.

No one can begin to understand what the siblings of late singer Traci Braxton are going through following her recent death to cancer, but now-second eldest Towanda Braxton headed to social media to give us some insight into what it's been like to lose her big sister.