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TLC really wants you to know that they weren’t talking about Rihanna. Last week, creatively edited interview footage suggested that TLC had targeted Rihanna in a answering a reporter’s question about artists “who never have their clothes on.” Although Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins already made it clear she was responding to a non-Rihanna specific question and that the interview was edited to show a picture of Rihanna, but not because of Watkins Rihanna fired back. Maybe,  the truth hurt, as Rihanna, gotta love her, is known for being extremely comfortable showcasing the suit God gave her, never more so that at the CFDA Awards, where she made Jennifer Lopez‘ famous sheer Versace Grammys dress look more like a burqa.

Maybe TLC simply wanted to reassure Rihanna’s more rabid fans, the infamous Rihanna Navy, who took the so-called Twitter beef one step further by sending hate tweets to TLC including death threats and threats to their children. C’mon son, that was definitely unnecessary, especially as Rihanna has since deleted her tweets.

Watkins and Rozonda “Chili” Thomas do feel they have earned the right to a little respect from the singer, though. In a new backstage interview clip, the one-time hottest, top-selling girl group in the world says that they didn’t didn’t say anything bad about Rihanna and that the pics she chose of a topless TLC with their hands cupped around their breasts was for a breast cancer awareness campaign. (The web has pointed out that those pics were actually for taken for a Vibe magazine shoot. Bloop!) Watkins and Thomas also said they grown, and they can handle any issues the old fashioned way – by talking with the person instead of going off on social media.


Ladies, why don’t you kiss and make up now? Or do a song together. Rihanna knows she was a fan of TLC back in the day, so why not show what can happen when women work together instead of trying to tear each other down?

We’ll wait for Rihanna’s response…via Twitter, we’re sure. In the meantime, TLC, we believe you, OK?

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