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In another round of ‘celebrities Rihanna has clap backed on social media at’…

90’s girl group TLC either didn’t think their comments about Rihanna would make it to the states or they just didn’t care.

Well, when you’ve got an army like ‘The Navy’, anything said about their fearless leader is relayed.

Case in point, TLC.

Video surfaced of the duo responding to a question asked about artists who use sex to sell their records. The footage made its way around after Rihanna accepted her CFDA Icon of the Year award in a see-through Crystal gown that exposed her breasts and butt.

Of course the star who isn’t known for being shy or slow to respond to critics, took to her Twitter in response to T-Boz and Chilli:

To add insult to injury someone on Rhianna’s team found an old picture of the group topless, exposing their breasts.

And of course she didn’t stop there. She then changed her Twitter background to the same photo.


Does Rihanna have a point? Should TLC just bow out gracefully?

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(Photo Source: Twitter, Video Source: YouTube)