T-Boz recently sat down with Dr. Sean on Fox Soul to speak about the experience of raising the son she adopted back in 2017. As noted by MademeNoire, “We reported earlier that the process was not an easy one. Chance’s biological mother had made an agreement to allow T-Boz to adopt one of her children before and then changed her mind the day […]


Chilli gave a resounding “hell no” when asked if she’d reconsider turning down Real Housewives of Atlanta's offer.

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In her new memoir A Sick Life — TLC ‘n Me: Stories from On and Off the Stage, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins is opening up about her debilitating battle with the sickle-cell disease. “I have to worry about it every day of my life,” Watkins, 47, says of her condition, in excerpts printed in the new […]


Reports of T-Boz wanting to adopt a baby first surfaced in September 2015, when TMZ reported that the TLC singer made her plans known while being questioned in a $40 million lawsuit over the VH1 TLC biopic. Eighteen months later, in honor of International Women’s Day, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins on Wednesday (March 8) revealed that […]

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  Just two days after launching their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their new album, TLC has exceeded their $150k goal.  1,491 supporters helped…


Sixteen years ago TLC featured thousands of fans’ names on a pull-out poster in their third album FanMail. Now, they’re offering fans the chance to be even more involved in the process, both creatively and physically. The group has launched a kickstarter campaign to fund their fifth and final album. While pledges start at $5, […]

Pebbles is super serious with her lawsuit over her portrayal in the TLC movie from earlier this year. She’s so serious that she named T-Boz…

Rihanna and her legendary talent for social media shade don’t scare T-Boz, who’s ready to face off with the fashionista if need be! The TLC…

TLC really wants you to know that they weren’t talking about Rihanna. Last week, creatively edited interview footage suggested that TLC had targeted Rihanna in a answering a reporter’s question about artists “who never have their clothes on.” Although Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins already made it clear she was responding to a non-Rihanna specific question and […]

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It’s been said more than a time or two that the media has trapped people into appearing to say things that they never really said. And it’s being said again! This time by T-Boz of TLC. Recently TLC gave an interview to an Australian morning show while they were on tour in Sydney. This was around the same […]

In another round of ‘celebrities Rihanna has clap backed on social media at’… 90’s girl group TLC either didn’t think their comments about Rihanna would make it to the states or they just didn’t care. Well, when you’ve got an army like ‘The Navy’, anything said about their fearless leader is relayed. Case in point, […]