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We’ve heard the rumors and now the Queen has reached out to the TJMS exclusively to let us know the real between her and Patti LaBelle.

Read Aretha Franklin‘s statement below:

“I’ve never heard anything crazier—regarding myself and Patti allegedly fighting on March 20, in Atlanta.  On March 20, I was in New York City readying for my birthday Patti (Sorry. LOL. Laughing at my typo error).  I meant PARTY, which we all had one fabulous time.  Patti and I are cool and we always have been.  I enjoyed her at the White House.  Classic Patti.”

So there you have it! But are you buying it? Let us know, do the two divas have something to hide?

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49 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: The Queen Releases Statement Regarding Patti LaBelle

  1. If you know anything about the white house your entrance, is your entrance and Patti obviously knows nothing about such traditions.
    And if anything, in Aretha’s mind she showed a greater lack of respect and culture…further bolstering Aretha’s distaste for Patti’s behavior and not the person….that wasn’t the time for a chit chat or a sista girl greeting… we belong that time has passed!!

  2. Kevin on said:

    Honestly people, it’s all about getting ‘PRESS” coverage. Everybody wants it. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the both are on the phone laughing about this. It’s album release time and they need the buzz. So what better way than to get folks talking.

  3. some of you people are messy as hell…. assuming and presuming what you claim to have seen on video could have been an oversight and nothing more. Black People, Stop being CRABS>>….

  4. Kevin on said:

    Whatever happened between them, if anything did happen, is nobody else’s business! They are both two fabulous women who have made vital contributions to the music world and they are both human. Some people thrive off of negativity and love discord, but I am not one of those people! My personal feeling is that they are much too gifted and intelligent to have time for negativity.

  5. I saw the video and my eyes don’t lie. Ms. Franklin CLEARLY disrespected Ms. LaBelle at that event. Either tell the truth or keep quiet. I am and have been a fan of both for a long time, but I saw what I saw!!

    • Nikki on said:

      I saw the video as well and thought it was very ugly of Ms. Franklin. She is wayyyyyy too old to be behaving in such manner. Being the change you want to see and speak so passionately about means not doing what immature kids do. #IJS

  6. Aretha and Patti are both Great Artis of The Music and Screen Word ,we love them both as Fan,s dearly . We can,t let satin in owr life,s for any reason ,so let,s keep suporting Aretha and Patti because we love them. These two Ladies are an inspiration to all young and old.

  7. Grady Johnson on said:

    These ladies are coner stones of the music industries,stories of this type does a disservice to the music community.

  8. John G on said:

    Let’s face it! We love Patti and Aretha!! I am not concerned about preying upon the misery and confusion surrounding these two wonderful women. I kind of sort of feel like that child with the parents who are divorcing — I don’t understand what the problem is, I just love them both that I don’t want there to be any problems and that we can just go on together as one family…I know that sounds really sappy, but I think that best sums up my concern about these two dynamically gifted women. There is no comparison between these two women. They can stand on their own merit and craft.

  9. “So there you have it! But are you buying it? Let us know, do the two divas have something to hide?”…it should be illegal for you – the media – to do stuff like this. just creating drama so that you have something to talk about. so sad. you should be ashamed.

  10. I believe it as the media makes more of something that’s no to be true as often as they can and why not with 2 lovely, beautiful Sisters in the natural and spirit! Also we know these two have had to face the media for many reason and know exactly how to shut down rumors so I’m happy that she addressed this issue in the least amount of time possible!!

  11. pac4me on said:

    Pattie eludes all the class anyone could ever muster up. If she had a beef with Aretha, she surely wouldn’t participate in this kind of nonsense. Whatever has happened (if it even did happen) they both women are Queens in my book.

  12. Aaron Green on said:

    CLEARLY!!!!! Look what Aretha wrote at the end of her statement, “Classic Patti”, which reveals to me that there is some historical beef that obviously not many Patti and Aretha fans know about. Mamma Re Re… I love you but, what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong!

  13. Valerie hamilton on said:

    I don’t think Patti did anything wrong Aretha has a very nasty attitude is she the queen no was she the queen yes get over it Patti paid her dues to gain her R.E.S.P.E.C.T I love both divas but Patti is the bomb! Aretha has been bitter for a long time if you want the real deal ask Patti. Aretha and Chaka are a trip embrace others talent you are not the only one that can sing! Each of you have had you time to reign move over more to come! 🙂 everybody has their season!

  14. Hell no I am not buying it. Aretha’s statement is just a PR ploy to quiet down the controversy. If you seen the video, it was obvious that Aretha was throwing shade at Patti as she walked down the aisle. What their beef is about, I don’t know. But what I do know is that if they were to throw blows, Patti would put an ass whooping and Aretha both on and off the state.

  15. GreeneInk on said:

    This crud got STARTED IN A SATIRE NEWS REPORT, d’uh. Y’all people who can’t tell the difference in satire and real news need to get off the Internet, because you will be “eating up” everything you hear and thinking it’s “tea party true.”

  16. Cynthia m Newman on said:

    Pattie we love you and Aretha Franklin put it aside and show us how to be well pretty black Nubian sisters . First thing no evil I know we do things to hurt each other but don’t let us focus on the bad because both of you are very pretty Nubian sisters. Help the younger ones like my self be beautiful Nubian woman. We need you both for different reasons. We need love all of us from both of you

  17. I also saw the disrespect Ms. Franklin delivered to Ms. Patti. It was rude and uncouth. Patti is a better singer and her performance was clearly superior that evening. Perhaps Ms. Franklin couldn’t handle it that night. Whatever, I have been sorely disappointed with both of these Divas and their arrogance. However, I do respect their talent, although not their behaviors when not on stage. They are human and who cares how they behave behind closed doors, but no one wants to view their “egos” gone awry, in public!

  18. Yolanda Barry on said:

    I don’t believe that story cause it sure didn’t look like that when she walk right pass Patti when she was trying to say something to her and the look on her face toward Patti……..come on now!

  19. I saw the video where Aretha ignored Patti’s hand as she was about to go on stage and Patti reached out to wish her luck. She snatched away and you can say what you want but that was clear as day. IJS.

  20. A Williams on said:

    Stop promoting division among blacks. That’s what wrong with our race now, the crab factor, always trying to hold someone else
    Back while one gets ahead. Write about positive achievements so maybe positivity will catch on and our young will march forward instead of to the grave.

  21. I don’t believe it both ladies are queens in their own right. There is no need for them to have beef, besides their both to great to be bothered.

  22. Enough said, Aretha said it all. Rumors, people need to stop and tend to their own business. Leave Aretha and Patti alone.

  23. They say there is no beef….. so why are people going to MAKE the world believe they do? What kind of immature bs is that?

  24. Walters,J on said:

    She said we cool.Ummmm cool means we alright not like Patti is like a sister to me we are two blacks ainging divas that have came up together over the years.So the cool words aren’t close.jmt

  25. CoolBlackgirlNerd on said:

    I hate that Ms F felt she had to respond to this BS…it was posted on a racist satirical website. The post a lot crap to get clicks…it was very disrespectful. If you see any articles from nerdnews please don’t share and ask the person to delete…please don’t let this site make any more money off the crap

  26. I feel like Aretha is bitter and mad because Patti still has it and Aretha’s jealous. I saw Aretha throw shade to Patti

  27. Yemi Adebiyi on said:

    It would be downright puerile of them to be having beef at their time of life. Long-time fans like me feel truly privileged to have witnessed the vocal gymnastics they have both displayed on stage and waxed on numerous records over the years. And with their professionalism, they taught the musicians
    that came up after them that there is room for everyone. If you’ve got the tools, you can make the rules.

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