Patti Labelle

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In their latest commercial spot the legendary singer plays Deon Cole's mother-in-law who of course decides to bogart Cole's Old Spice moisturizer much to the chagrin of the comedian.

It looks like Trick Daddy isn't too bothered by the flack he's been getting recently in response to criticizing the singing talents of Beyoncé, even doubling down by naming five female music icons he believes King Bey can't compete with vocally.

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Patti LaBelle's powerful voice and rich auntie vibes make her one of the greatest legends of our time.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Mark Cuban, Anthony Anderson and Skylar Diggins-Smith will take part in a series of panel discussions on YouTube that are focused on racial justice. The video-sharing platform announced the lineup on Thursday for “Bear Witness, Take Action 2.” The two-hour special featuring the various panels and musical performances will premiere Saturday […]

The anticipation begins! Philly’s own Patti Labelle will be stepping up to the challenge Gladys Knight hit for hit on Verzuz Sunday, Septemeber 13th. Vote below on who you think will win!    

Patti LaBelle hit up social media to check in with her fans and thank medical workers during this COVID-19 crisis. The music icon posted a heartfelt video on Instagram for her followers and she also praised workers at essential businesses for providing the public with basic needs, such as groceries and other necessities. She also reminded everyone to […]

One of the most beloved love songs of all time could’ve been sang by Patti LaBelle.  On a recent episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” Patti LaBelle revealed to Andy Cohen that she was originally slated to sing “I Will Always Love You.” The song, which was originally written and performed by Dolly Parton to commemorate her former […]

Patti LaBelle, 75, said she’s not given up on finding true love — as the soul legend admits she wants a husband. “I still have time to find a husband,” LaBelle exclusively tells The Post. “I don’t want a boyfriend. I want a husband.” LaBelle was previously married for 34 years to ex-husband Armstead Edwards. She […]

Besides being one of the most respected and iconic R&B singers, Patti LaBelle is also known to be quite the cook. The last time she gave us a taste of her cooking, her Patti Pies created a frenzy and sold out across America. Now she is giving us a taste of her soul food. The […]