After things didn't work out in his campaign to become host of 'Jeopardy,' it looks like veteran actor LeVar Burton is off to greater pastures in the game show world as he's now being tapped to host an upcoming television revival of 'Trivial Pursuit.'


LeVar Burton opened up to The New York Times about his campaign to be the next host of 'Jeopardy!' after the late Alex Trebek but producers of the beloved game show never seriously considered him for the role.


Answer this. Do you want to be a thousandaire? Of course you do. Only thing better would be being millionaire … or billionaire! Anywho, we can help you with the thousandaire part. That’s because The $100,000 Pyramid is being rebooted and is headed to prime time on ABC this summer. This new incarnation of the classic […]

We would suggest that Wheel Of Fortune Julian Batt get an education after his clueless (literally) appearance this week. But it was College Week and Batt is already in college. He’s actually an honors student in Business and English at the University of Indiana. The reason why he’s gone viral, though, is not because of […]

Who wants to be a millionaire? All of us, but Cedric The Entertainer can actually help you get there. He’s now the host of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire and he says he’s enjoying it. “I’m having fun with it. It’s great It’s one of those iconic game shows, so you get to have […]

For iPhone users: If you think you know how men think, there’s a new show for you. Mind of Man premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. on the Game Show Network with Chicago-based comedian DeRay Davis doing the hosting duties. “It’s two women trying to figure out what a man is thinking so hopefully we’ll be […]

Alfonso Ribeiro is back on TV. The beloved actor who played Carlton on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and developed his own dance craze is hosting a new ABC Family Show “Spell-mageddon.” Though the show has been off the air for 17 years, it’s developed fans of a new generation through repeats. Ribeiro says […]