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When health guru A.D. Dolphin appeared on Get Well Wednesdays last week, the response was huge. He suggested that his health cleanse, the DHerbs full body cleanse could assist those listeners who suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes. More than anything else, Dolphin says that health begins with diet.

“You’ve got to remember that 90% of all diseases today are diet-related. So therefore, just by cleansing and changing your diet, you’re going to lower your risk. The thing that we really adopt from our parents is our diet. Since we have the same genetics, if you eat the same foods, you’ll definitely develop the same problems. You can’t change your DNA, but you can definitely change your future not just by cleansing but also by making the necessary steps to change your diet.”

Listen above for more about the kinds of foods diabetics need to be careful with, and whether or not going on a cleanse is the best thing to do right before Valentine’s Day. 

To order the Dherbs full body cleanse click here to go to the website or call 866-4DHERBS. When you call, you will talk to someone who has already themselves been through the cleanse and can answer your questions.

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