Black America Web celebrates Black Music Month by saluting influential icons in the music industry

Choosing something to retire for 40 days during Lent varies depending on the person, but members at First United Church of Oak Park in suburban Chicago decided on "fasting from whiteness" by refusing to perform hymns composed and/or written by white musicians.

Fasting has become the No. 1 most popular diet pattern in the United States for 2018, surpassing paleo and gluten-free diets. With the majority of Americans trying out different forms of fasting, from intermittent fasting to time-restricted eating and prolonged fasting diets, confusion can lead to questions. Felicia Stoler, registered dietitian nutritionist and author of […]

There are one hundred and one ways to fast depending on who you ask, but Marvin Winans tells “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show” theres only one way.…


When health guru A.D. Dolphin appeared on Get Well Wednesdays last week, the response was huge. He suggested that his health cleanse, the DHerbs full body cleanse could assist those listeners who suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes. More than anything else, Dolphin says that health begins with diet. “You’ve got to remember that […]