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“Who knows I’ve been married to a beautiful black woman for 18 years and I wouldn’t change a thing,” said Delton F.

“My brother married a white woman. He was a very hard worker. When he left for work out the front door, she invited men (plural) in through the back. I’m not saying that this does not happen in a black/black marriage, or a white/white one for that matter. But his delusion that placing this woman on a pedestal was heartbreaking for him,” said Lynette J.

Michael W. said, “When God gives you a gift of a soul that loves you, respects you and cherishes you does it matter what the wrapping is?”

“I’ve dated outside my race and it became plain to me that women are women. There are good and bad in all of us. Why do black men feel compelled to justify dating outside there race is a mystery to me. I don’t knock any race to justify another,” said Kevin J.

“There should be no justification of who you choose to love. Our partners are chosen from our needs and that is that… LOVE ON BLACK MEN, WHO EVER FULFILLS YOUR NEEDS,” said Sunsum B.

“People are going to do what they want to do,” said Venderay M.

“To each his or her own! Love chooses us! If you are a Christian it should not matter who our brothers and sisters choose to date or love. It is not a sign of weakness However those who feel they must put down black women in order to date white women they have serious issues with they are doing. They don’t It is nobody’s business what,” said Joyce K.

“I think a lot of it is based on race and to compromise the hardship of being black versus the easier route for dating other than Black. I also think people date outside their race for sex and some for true love. I also believe dating outside one’s race is over-rated and it shouldn’t be about a competitive edge but for love and love only,” said Mary B.

“Those are the weak men who do that,” said Candace B.

“Love has no boundaries when it comes down to matters of the heart,” said Roy S.

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