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David said, “I don’t use any woman’s flaws to date anybody . All woman are the same what’s the difference in color and size?”

Pam R. said, “It is tied to a stereotype that has been around from the time we were discovered by the Europeans. Just don’t feed into it.”

“We’re all human and God’s children…we are free to love each other,” said Fari E.

“Because a lot of black men hate themselves and do not even realize it. Black men have been ostracized to the level of not knowing who they are or whose they are, which is why as black women we must end the ridicule of the black man and speak life to them,” said Gwendolyn J.

“Lust”, said Barbara M.

“They have low self-esteem: meaning they think “white” is better,” said Michele B.

“Love is where you find it. I dated Black, White and Latino. I married Black. He is wonderful and treats me like a Queen. I am blessed,” said Patricia M.

Calvin J. said, “Works both ways, Ladies: Why do Black women use our perceived flaws to justify dating outside their race ? Unbelievably, there are some who base that on what they read (novels) and see on TV and in movies.”

Beverly S. said, “WHO KNOWS!!!”

Donyale S. said, “I think that men as have women have had bad experiences with some black women. Instead of dealing with that issue, they will deal with a different race. If a black man wants a white woman because he’s attracted to her, and would date a black woman for the same reason, I don’t have a problem with that. However, if he dates a woman outside his race because he feels all black women are evil, that’s unfair, because they haven’t met me yet. That’s like me saying all men are verbally abusive because that’s all I’ve dealt with. How would you feel if that was what was leveled at you?”

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