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Paul said, “Love knows no color!! Deal with it.”

“Any man who puts down his own women is just pathetic and good riddance because black women don’t deserve that level of disrespect. You don’t see other races putting down their women. Apparently the person who says black women are crazy has never heard of Jodie Arias or watched the ID channel. There are just as many if not more crazy people in the other races too.” said Dorothy T.

“Because, most don’t recognize the best and would rather settle for less,” said Lashonda D.

“That’s why they go to Becky, b/c they think black women are crazy and have issues…..we jus tell the truth and call out a weak link,” said Adriana B.

Monroe said, “Because, they (Black men) are afraid and, ignorant! They allow themselves to buy into the media’s display of the White women as a goddess and, i feel sorry that people of color have such disdain for one another, i have witnessed Black men saying “Black women ain’t shit”, I confront them and, ask if their mother’s and, sister’s are whore’s oftentimes it becomes a heated argument but, the bottom line is, i don’t care whom you choose to love, i just take issue when u forget whom gave you life and, are ashamed if you’re mirrored image. All African-American’s need to read about Willie Lynch, making of a slave. It was a masterful design that will last a lifetime. Self hatred is demoralizing and, the sadness is people of color embrace this as normal. It is not about the skin color, it’s the ignorance our Black brother’s and sister’s refuse to acknowledge as a negative scar that cannot be healed!”

“Monroe you said that wonderfully and truthfully. Coming from a Black man it means a lot. I look at athletes running to marry white women, but make baby mamas out of Black women then don’t want to support the child. Then only to have the white woman take everything he has. But Black women are rude, insensitive, loud and demanding. Everyone cannot be judged if someone else hurt them. If that we’re the case why are they giving White women a chance when their ancestors enslaved our people. Stay out of the past hurts and get to know the real person,” said Milinda J.

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