6. Work hard like it is as instinctive as breathing.

Beyoncé works hard, she observes hard, she edits hard and she probably loves hard. (Remember that toast from the documentary to Jay on his birthday?)  It is her basic instinct. At the end of the day, she probably does not talk about being tired; she probably talks about being better. If you have ever tried to mimic what happens in the course of a Beyoncé concert, let alone a 15-minute Super Bowl performance, it is an exhaustive workout. That is just one element of her work life. There is also producing music, shooting endorsements and photo spreads, managing a staff, observing the industry, negotiating contracts, forecasting and re-adjusting her annual goals and responsibilities, reviewing the performance of all of her products, and on and on.  That is an addition to health, love, romance, family, and motherhood. She lives like she is alive. Few of us really choose to compete with that.

Takeaway:  When you are reaching for your power, saying you are busy is about as effective as stating that the sky is blue. Work hard at what you do because everything is lesson and a training day for the goal. Life is hard, but there are other things to comment on.

Beyoncé is a universally accepted boss. From urban America to corporate America, she commands attention. And she demonstrates the base competencies of leadership. But she is just #17 out of Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women. The top 10 include Melinda Gates, First Lady Michelle Obama, Secretary Hillary Clinton, and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.  Also self-made American women who are half of a power couple, they (as well as most of the women who Beyoncé outranks) hold influence and social impact that Beyoncé lacks.

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