beyonce-gyrltyme2. Don’t give failure as much attention as you would effort.

Getting three stars on Star Search back in 1993, only to lose as a challenger, could have been the end of the road for Beyoncé and the rest of the members of Girl Tyme, but within 10 years (the time Malcolm Gladwell ascribes to becoming a leader) they had transformed into Destiny’s Child with one of the most iconic debut records of all time, if not of the 1990s. It is clear that they had the look and the performance, but their lyrics and vocals were subpar. As much as Beyoncé probably wanted to win Star Search, she had not earned it. And if she had not accepted that, she would not have adopted the revisions that made Destiny’s Child work. When you realize that, while your emotions and energy are short-term effects, you are living with long-term intentions, you can treat failure as a learning tool and overcome it. More recently, it seems that House of Dereon has been sunset (no active Facebook updates since October 2012)…and then comes the Mrs. Carter collection for H&M.

Takeaway:  It is very hard to live without error, but it is impossible to succeed without acknowledging the areas in which you yourself need to improve.  t is so easy to be observant of others strengths and weaknesses, but success relies on focusing on what you, and you alone, must do to deliver. Beyoncé knows what happens when her voice does a certain thing, when she looks a certain way, when she makes a certain move. Sports and music are not the only fields for constant training. Whether you are in the food industry or finance, you can replay how you did, how people reacted and whether you reached you desired long-term goal.

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