3. When you have a purpose, you don’t always keep the same company.

For a while, there was a running joke about the line-up changes with Destiny’s Child. But the Beyoncé of today is different from the girl leading the vocals to “Bills, Bills, Bills,” let alone the girl who debuted on Star Search. While the girl power momentum underlies the personal brand, her strength, desires and style have outpaced those previous milestones, and in the end, family and a few friends have been able to grow with her. It had to be hard to lose connections to people with whom she had shared her formative years, but it is so often that as we change our support team changes. When you consider the adage that you are who you hang out with, you have to be prepared to pivot a lot more than your point of view as you grow.

Takeaway:  You will have to decide if being comfortable is better than stretching beyond your comfort zone in your career. This is what makes life hard, but compromise and risk are what we all have to negotiate. Things that make you mad are not necessarily their to hurt you; they are an indicator of a fundamental difference.

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