beyonce-20135. Behave as you want to be perceived and know your value.

One of Beyoncé’s best qualities is that she built her brand in her own image. It is very easy for society to sway you to believe women exist in the perimeter of men. The great thing about living in the digital age is the access to the learning that can make you as self-made as it gets. (No one makes it without a dedicated support system and some generous breaks.) But before Jay-Z came along, her name was its own asset.

Her name stood for the strength of women reaching within their own spirit to achieve. And while most women drowned their lyrics in aspiring for male approval, Beyoncé spun it so that life was about finding her own destiny. No matter what happens with her marriage, no matter how debatable “Bow Down/I Been On” is, she had done enough work that her first association is that of a hard-working, girl next door that anyone would enjoy. And this serves her ability to have whatever she wants. So when it comes to releasing a documentary on HBO, and not in the theaters or on Youtube; there is a value assessment being made based on how she has presented herself and how she has delivered.

Takeaway:  Know what you want and know the behaviors and achievements expected of people you have what you already want. The employee of the month probably does not put her personality ahead of that of the company. She probably goes for the A+, and she generally plays to what the boss decided what success looks like. Even when you are an entrepreneur, you have a boss, and anytime you deal with someone outside of yourself, you deal with negotiation. What are you going to give to get where you need to be, and what are you saying (from your dress code to your language) about yourself in the process.

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