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Bizarre Celebrity Interviews

Columbus Short was the inspiration for this gallery after hearing his interview on the Tom Joyner Morning Show earlier today.

Amber Rose Backs Off Of The Kardashian-Jenners

Amber Rose is re-thinking that nasty spat she had with the entire Kardashian clan. The model read the Kardashians for filth after Khloé Kardashian came for her on Twitter. The exchange got so bad that Khloé eventually had to just back off. Amber has got a long history of beefing with the Kardashians that goes […]

Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Doesn’t Trust Him With Royalty

Nia Guzman is concerned that Chris Brown might not be making the best decisions for their adorable baby, Royalty, and she’s ready to do something about it! Despite some initial drama after news of Royalty’s existence broke, Chris has been loving life as a dad. After trying to work out a custody arrangement on their […]