Weird News

  Nashville police are investigating the death of a woman who was found decomposing under a pile of clothes inside the apartment she shared with her four adult, disabled children. Law enforcement from Davidson County made the grim discovery on October 21 while serving an eviction notice at 56-year-old Laronda Jolly’s home. None of the four siblings , a […]

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — An obituary for a Minneapolis-area woman who died at age 93 included one specific request for her mourners: Do not vote for Donald Trump. Georgia May Adkins, of Inver Grove Heights, died of a stroke on Sept. 28 at United Hospital in St. Paul. A pair of obituaries published in […]

NORTH CATASAUQUA, Pa. (AP) — After a man ran off with the tip jar at an eastern Pennsylvania pizza shop, investigators didn’t have to do a lot of legwork to track him down. Nicholas M. Mark, 22, had just applied for a job at the establishment, leaving his name and contact information, authorities said. LIKE […]

DETROIT (AP) — A young woman was discovered to be alive after she had been declared dead and taken to a Detroit funeral home, officials said. The Southfield fire department said paramedics tried to revive the 20-year-old woman for 30 minutes Sunday. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM & TWITTER. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE. “Given medical readings and […]

Florida has proven itself to be one of the craziest places in the country for plenty of reasons, so just add this one to the list.

A Memphis Burger King employee is making national headlines after she almost fired back (literally) at a disgruntled customer. Oderrial Moore-Williams is accused of pulling a gun on a customer when the customer complained about her order in a bizarre back and forth. The victim told WREG she was in line at the drive-thru when she informed […]

KATY, Texas (AP) — A dispute over a child’s haircut ended with gunfire Saturday at a Texas barbershop, according to authorities. Deputies are looking for a man who shot an employee of a barbershop in the Houston suburb of Katy during an argument, the Harris County Sheriff’s office said in a tweet Saturday. Witnesses said the argument […]

A man in Japan collected his toenail clippings for 65 days and turned them into a ring. he clipped the nails, put them in a blender to turn them into a fine powder, added water, and compressed them and baked them. They turned into a big black lump with a clay like consistency , he […]


People get divorced every day, that’s not really shocking news. But, Paul Nixon, 51, managed to divorce his wife without her knowing about it. KHOU reports, Nixon faced a judge Monday after deputies said he fraudulently filed and completed a divorce from his wife without her knowing or consenting. According to the station, a Harris […]


PUNTA GORDA, Fla. (AP) — Officials say a Florida woman who pulled a small alligator from her yoga pants during a traffic stop and illegally possessed numerous other wild animals has been sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to four charges. Florida prosecutors say a Charlotte County sheriff’s deputy stopped a pickup truck in May […]

A North Carolina man has filed a handwritten lawsuit at the U.S. District Court in Charlotte to complain about service he received at his local Hardee’s. 


YPSILANTI, Mich. (AP) — Police at Eastern Michigan University have issued a warning: “Beware of goose!” The department says potentially aggressive geese have been spotted on campus and issued the warning when posting a video on Instagram showing one goose attacking and chasing a person in a school parking lot.   Police say the attack happened on […]