People get divorced every day, that’s not really shocking news. But, Paul Nixon, 51, managed to divorce his wife without her knowing about it.

KHOU reports, Nixon faced a judge Monday after deputies said he fraudulently filed and completed a divorce from his wife without her knowing or consenting.

According to the station, a Harris County deputy went to the Houston home that Nixon shared with his wife Edna Nixon on May 14 after she called authorities to say her husband filed for divorce back in February without her knowledge, and that a court had already filed the final decree.

After an investigation deputies learned that Paul submitted forged documents and false information to the courts, including a forged waiver of service that listed a false address and phone number for Edna. The waiver of service also included a forged notary signature in which Paul spelled the notary’s name wrong, according to reports.

Paul has been charged with aggravated perjury for allegedly lying to the courts about the validity of the forms and the information on them.

Edna set a motion to set aside the divorce and the court has since granted her motion due to the divorce being filed fraudulently.

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