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Michael Jackson had always insisted that he suffered from vitiligo, a skin condition which causes patches of lost pigmentation. But it wasn’t until after his death that an autopsy confirmed the truth behind his unusual skin color. The medic who oversaw the autopsy noted that the King of Pop did indeed suffer from vitiligo. “So, some […]

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Amy Deanna is making history with the popular makeup brand.

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Kandice Benford is sharing her story about how she developed a severe case of vitiligo across her face right before her wedding day. The disease is the loss of skin color in blotches and is thought to be an autoimmune condition that causes a person’s own immune system to attack cells that make pigment in […]

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April Star, from Miami, Florida, may only be 10-years-old, but she has big ambitions. The future-model-in-the-making, whose skin condition leaves her with patches of white…

“America’s Next Top Model” alumna Winnie Harlow has made vitiligo part of her signature look, and she’s continuing to bank on it with a new…

Assistant coach Cheri, shares her experiences with the skin condition, vitiligo. Cheri says that she made this video in order to share her story and…

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Michael Joseph Jackson was born August 29, 1958 as the 7th child to a poor family in Gary, Indiana. He and his brothers of the Jackson 5 became one of the few groups in history to have their first four major singles reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100. They got their start by […]