Gospel crossover artist Isaac Carree is happy in love and he wants the world to know. So given that he’s a singer/songwriter/producer he put it in a song. The new single “HER” is the result and if you’re the kind of person who gets choked up by the loving and heartfelt marriage proposals you see […]

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Facebook’s Instagram service is loosening its restraints on video in an attempt to lure younger viewers away from YouTube when they’re looking for something to watch on their smartphones. The expansion announced Wednesday, dubbed IGTV, will increase Instagram’s video time limit from one minute to 10 minutes for most users. Accounts […]

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) — A fraternity suspended at Syracuse University over an offensive video said in an apologetic statement on Friday that the activities were intended as a “satirical sketch” depicting an uneducated, intolerant person. “Each semester our new members are given the opportunity to write and act out a skit, in order to roast […]

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Another protest against police brutality.

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Lawd have mercy! What is up with Jilly From Philly? We have to ask why is Jill Scott drunk AF in a new video that’s burning up the internet? Of course it can happen to anyone if they go beyond their limit, but it’s never a good look for regular folks and it’s certainly not […]

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Will comically celebrated the talents he passed along to his son by spoofing Jaden's music video.

Gone Viral!

"Give me a reason," the scorned woman can be heard yelling.

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It’s cold and flu season and one company has tapped America’s new favorite comic Tiffany Haddish to drive home the importance of folks washing their hands. Method, the pioneer of planet-friendly fabric and personal care products, today launched “Fight Dirty,” a tongue-in-cheek PSA featuring one of the biggest breakout stars of 2017. The PSA has […]

NeNe Leakes got the boot after saying an inappropriate comment towards a heckler. The New York Daily News reports, Leakes was supposed to host the Xscape reunion show but was taken off after she told someone at her recent comedy show she hoped they got raped by their Uber driver. Xscape released a statement to […]

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Suge Knight’s girlfriend and his business partner have been indicted for alleging selling a video of a hit-and-run fatality to TMZ for $55,000, reports Variety. His girlfriend, Toilin Kelly, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to counts of conspiracy to obstruct justice, conspiracy to violate a court order, and conspiracy to commit grand theft. Suge’s business […]

Serena Williams blesses us with pictures and a video of her and Alexis Ohanian’s new edition. On September 1, 2017, the tennis champion and Reddit co-founder gave birth to a little girl! And now about a week later we’re not only getting the first look at their baby girl but we get a video too! […]

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Somebody’s got their business all up and down front street, so to speak. That somebody is R&B singer Bobby V. If you haven’t heard, V – who used to go by the name Bobby V – is the subject of a viral video that spread over the weekend showing him running out of an apartment […]