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Lawd have mercy! What is up with Jilly From Philly? We have to ask why is Jill Scott drunk AF in a new video that’s burning up the internet?

Of course it can happen to anyone if they go beyond their limit, but it’s never a good look for regular folks and it’s certainly not a good look for a major celeb like Jill.

But how did it happen? In the close-up video created Saturday night, which we can only assume she made herself on her phone – the 45-year-old singer appears to be trippin’ on the evening that she was having,

“It started off so good,” she says. “And then, ‘Foo-fee’ gave me some more to drink and I drank it.”

She adds

“Uhhhhh, Saturday night (laughs).”

Some fans were concerned that something real bad had happened to Scott … something sh’e not talking about (like her messy marriage?), but come Sunday morning she let everyone know she’s okay. She says she just had a little TOO much fun!

Meanwhile, in other Jill Scott news, speaking of her messy marriage …

A judge has reportedly granted the estranged husband of Jill Scott his request for a restraining order that bars her from speaking ill about him to friend, the media and online, according to Bossip.

Mike Dobson filed for the restraining order last month after accusing the singer of putting their business in the streets, lying about his sexual orientation and more.

“We are very pleased with the decision today of the court to also grant our restraining order,” Dobson’s lawyer James Walker Jr. told Bossip exclusively. “We are hopeful now that Ms. Scott Williams will refrain from posting anything negative about Mr. Dobson, whether direct or indirect, whether implied or by innuendo.”

Scott, meanwhile, also has a restraining order in place against Dobson.

The R&B star cited irreconcilable differences in her divorce filing last September, as well as “inappropriate marital conduct that such further cohabitation would be unsafe and improper.”

Dobson countersued, accusing her of bullying him throughout their marriage and forcing him to sign their prenup agreement. He seeks half of their marital assets, along with $500,000 for pain and suffering.



(Photo Credit: PRN / PRPhotos)