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Serena Williams blesses us with pictures and a video of her and Alexis Ohanian’s new edition.

On September 1, 2017, the tennis champion and Reddit co-founder gave birth to a little girl!

And now about a week later we’re not only getting the first look at their baby girl but we get a video too!


Posted on her Instagram story, Williams loaded videos of herself during the pregnancy that no one has ever seen before! These are videos taken by both Williams and Ohanian.

It starts out with an ultrasound video of Serena finding out she was pregnant. After that is a series of videos of cute moments between the internet investor and Williams patiently awaiting the arrival of their bundle of joy.

There’s even a selfie video of her holding her trophy right after winning the Australian Open. The caption read, “No one knows I’m 8 weeks pregnant,” as she’s being swarmed by photographers.

One part of the video shows Williams taking a baby class and in another Ohanian shows off a crib that he put together.

At the end of the Instagram story, viewers are given a peek at their baby girl along with her name and a link to the full video on her website.

The baby girls name? Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. How sweet is that, being named after your daddy.  I mean the name works as a good boy and girl name.

Check out the video below to soak up all the cuteness and to celebrate!

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

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22 thoughts on “Serena Tells All! First Look At Her Baby And Behind The Scenes Of Her Pregnancy!

  1. D1"The Original" on said:

    Same damn tired morons on here day in day out …SMDH!!! Point of the matter is it’s actually no one business if the parents are married or NOT. this child will be more than well taken care of by BOTH!!! Great job Alexis and Serena!!!

    • specialt757 on said:

      Yep and approximately 99% of the 16 y.os. are white and from single parent homes, so I guess the color of your skin only matters if you’re black in his one-sided mind.

  2. mac ben – – this particular story is about Serena who by the way is married…….save your doom and gloom statistics for the proper story. My God, do you not have any joy in your life?!!!!

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