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Comedian Amanda Seales aka Tiffany from Insecure has made her rounds in the television and comedy world. Now she’s stepping out in her first ever comedy stand-up performance at Caroline’s on Broadway in New York.

“I moved from New York two years ago to L.A. And so it feels like a homecoming of sorts. You know it’s a comeback and for every stand up who started in New York there’s definitely like a certain energy,” expressed Seales. “It’s a different energy and headlining Caroline’s is kind of like a little seminal moment, you know? In your career.”

Although she’s only done stand up for four years Seales has a lot of experience on stage and has spent significant time around various comedians that’s also given her experience.

“I’ve only been doing stand up for 4 years. But when I got to stand up I had been standing up on a stage for so long doing other things you know that it wasn’t really like I had a big transition,” explained Seales. “I was a host for so many years on MTV and BET, VH1 etc. And hosting the Roots picnic and I was doing comedy on VH1 with like Best Week Ever and all these like countdown shows so I was always around a bunch of comics.”

Seales definitely felt called to do stand-up comedy. “And so, but it’s also one of those things kind of like being called to the pulpit,” explained Seales. “Like once it was time for me to do stand-up I feel like, it was everything aligned in the right way because it was where I was supposed to be.”

Catch Seales at her début performance at Caroline’s on Broadway February 1 to the 3.