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What happens if you’re dating a man and you’re having a really good time together then all of a sudden he goes missing? The term for that is “ghosting.” But, how long should the men not talk to you for it to be considered ghosting? Sherri says she’ll give a guy a few days, but […]

How do you tell someone that you aren’t interested when they’re being extremely persistent? Sherri knows how to scare a man away, look at him and say “I’ve been celibate for the last nine years!” That’ll send them running for sure. But, if it doesn’t break out your nasty toes, that’ll do the trick every […]

Have you ever messed up your child’s hair and pretended it looked fine? Sherri and Kym have! They both have tried to cut their little boys hair and it didn’t go too well. Sherri tried to cut Jeffery’s hair when he was a baby because he had so much hair that people thought he was […]

Does Sherri Shepherd twerk? Apparently so. It will air on Soul Man on TV Land in two weeks, but you can see the clip right here.  But it’s not like Sherry hasn’t twerked on the air before. She and Jenny McCarthy twerked on The View in 2013. “I do grown women twerking,” Shepherd says. Soul Man […]

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Fantasia isn’t a gospel artist but it’s well known that the singer grew up in the church. So it’s fitting that the “American Idol” winner would be one of the performers at the official Super Bowl Gospel concert, taking place at New Orleans’ Lakefront Arena on Friday, February 1st. She will join Sherry Shepherd, Kirk […]